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Saladin: Piracy, Mutiny & Murder on the High Seas


Set between October 1842 and July 1844, this historical novel is based on the true story of the Saladin massacre. After being arrested for illegal trade in Peru and stripped of his cargo and ship, Captain George Fielding begins searching for a way home for himself and his son. He has just escaped from a Peruvian prison when he meets Alexander MacKenzie, the Scottish-born captain of the barque Saladin, just finishing a successful trading mission. Fielding helps MacKenzie find a crew after the desertions of several of Saladin's men and, in gratitude, MacKenzie offers Fielding and son passage home to Liverpool. MacKenzie proves o be a hard taskmaster and earns the hatred of several of his crew; he and Fielding argue over the running of the ship, and Fielding conceives a plan to seize control of Saladin and its valuable cargo of copper, silver, guano and money letters. What ensues is a twisted tale of mutiny and murder. Written with William Crooker.

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