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Welcome aboard and thanks for visiting! I am a writer and editor based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I've edited dozens of writing projects both independently and through Nimbus Publishing, and I've written four of my own books of poetry, historical fiction and non-fiction - each a reflection of my rather eclectic interests. Some reviews of my work are available on The Writer page of this site. I've also taught English Composition and English Literature courses to students at St. Mary's University and Mount Saint Vincent University - just trying to do my part to foster the next generation of Nova Scotian writers! If you'd like to know more about my work, check out my C.V.
I am a passionate gardener who, after many years in Nova Scotia, remains stubbornly dedicated to growing productively in this cool, wet climate. While I can boast about growing some pretty fantastic late season greens , like many a Maritime gardener, I've also had my heart broken by more experimental endeavours (Melons, for instance, didn't go well.) My thirty years of experience in the garden provided  the inspiration  for my  most recent book - Grow Organic. It's the ultimate resource for the first-time Nova Scotian vegetable gardener and unlike a lot of gardening books, it is designed for successful production in our unpredictable Maritime climate. It's due out in March 2010; please see the the Grow Organic page for more details. 

Whether I'm in the garden, on the road, or relaxing at home, I do all I can to tread as lightly as possible on the planet with my size 10 feet. Much of what I do- saving up for a composting toilet, recycling greywater, or fulfilling a dream of having solar panels installed on our roof- is influenced by my environmental conscience. I honor the past by engaging in activities many would consider old-fashioned--as evidence, take a look at my Smug Pickler page!